Can I Get a Witness?

Over the last few weeks our pastor has reminded the church of the vows that we made when we joined the church. I serve in a United Methodist Church and there is one question that all new members are asked by our pastor as they accept the responsibility of being members of our local church.

Will you be loyal to this congregation and uphold it with your Prayers, Presence, Gifts, Service and Witness?

Each of these vows has served as the basis of the series on Discipleship that Pastor David has been leading us through. This week we focused on the final vow, that of witness. Pastor David asked me to write the front page of the newsletter helping our church orient their thoughts for the week as we get ready for Sunday Services. You can read it below.

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The Bishop and His Beautiful People | “Your Call Is Still Calling”

The South Georgia Annual Conference met from June 3 – 5, in Macon, Georgia. This meeting takes place once a year and is the time for the conference to handle the business of the church. I was not able to attend, but did watch on the live stream online. One of the wonderful benefits of technology. As the conference drew to a close Bishop King shared some important thoughts with the clergy and lay members of the conference. I would like to share with you these thoughts and some of my own reflections.

Our bishop regularly greets the members of the conference by saying, “Hello beautiful people.” And he does so with such a warm smile it is hard not to smile back, knowing that this is a sincere greeting from him. I hope I never take it for granted. I am always left with the impression that the bishop really means it and he wants us to believe it for ourselves. We are a beautiful people. Not because of anything intrinsic within us, but because of who we have become and are becoming in Jesus.

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A Youth Pastor Attends District Conference

On Sunday May 20, the Americus District of the South Georgia Annual Conference met to participate in holy conferencing. About 250 members of the district gathered at Cordele First United Methodist church to share in a time of worship, business and celebration of vital and vibrant ministries in the district. The District Superintendent, Dr. Wayne Moseley, shared with us an insight about the power and … Continue reading A Youth Pastor Attends District Conference

Confirmation 2012 | Join the Journey

This weekend I was at Epworth by the Sea on St. Simons Island for the South Georgia Annual Conference’s Confirmation Retreat. This is a time for our church to gather all the young people that we hope are ready after a time if instruction to accept the faith of Christ and make it their faith in Christ. Because in the United Methodist Church they practice … Continue reading Confirmation 2012 | Join the Journey