Why Do we Weight Ourselves to Death?

We too often carry the weight of wounds inflicted too early in life to know how to properly cope with them. When we were wounded, something changed in us. We can’t always describe it, or even explain how we were affected. But it is there. As a pastor I have heard some of these stories of these old wounds. They linger in our memory and … Continue reading Why Do we Weight Ourselves to Death?

Do We Look More American than Christian? Part 1

Part 1: How we’ve become more like Jonah than Jesus. Christian, say these words with me, directed to yourself: Repent, and believe the Gospel. These are a part of the historic words of the Ash Wednesday liturgy. And yet most people don’t hear them anymore (since most of our churches have jettisoned the traditions for a shinier, modern version of Christianity where they pretend they … Continue reading Do We Look More American than Christian? Part 1

Lent Day #7 | Transformation

One of my favorite activities growing up was getting a new Lego® set and putting it together. It would not take me very long to do it, but once I was finished I didn’t really want to play with it. I just wanted to look at it and make sense of how all these different blocks and pieces were able to make this car or house or airplane. One of the realities I discovered about myself in the process was that I was not very creative. I loved following the instructions and seeing the final product, but the idea of taking the pieces apart and creating something original was not within my grasp.
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