Will Anything Actually Change?

I’ll be honest, I’ve struggled with whether to post anything about the recent events in Charlottesville surrounding race. Partly because so many have already posted wonderful responses. Partly because I wanted to do more than just react. But mostly because I have been wondering to myself: “Will anything actually change?”   Some of my skepticism comes from my awareness that the sinfulness of humanity is … Continue reading Will Anything Actually Change?

People Aren’t Projects

Do you ever just wonder how you are viewed by other people? Or even recognize the way you view everyone else?

I have realized that over time and as I have gotten older I am more self-conscious of myself, becoming more aware of the ways I act and the words I say. Though in some ways this has been a positive in my life it has also brought about some negatives. Continue reading “People Aren’t Projects”

A Letter to My Former Youth

To my former youth,

If you were a member of a youth ministry that I served, this is for you.

I offer my thoughts to you as an act of love. In light of recent events I want to offer one more lesson. Take it our leave it. That’s up to you. I just feel like I should say something. While there will be ongoing commentary as to what happened, how it happened, should it have happened, and what will have to be done by those on both sides, I feel compelled to offer some words to you, my former youth, who will and are living in a world very different from the one I grew up in. Continue reading “A Letter to My Former Youth”