In The Pain, God Is There

A reflection on how I’ve experienced God meeting with me, inspired by Elijah’s experience with God in 1 Kings 19:8-18. I feel alone sometimes. At times it feels like wandering. Other times it feels like running for my life. On the outside I can accomplish something big for God. People see it. God shows up. It proves my faith. Right? Except on the inside I’m … Continue reading In The Pain, God Is There

Book Review | “The Bishop of Rwanda”

DISCLAIMER: While I understand that this is one man’s retelling of the events, I will engage and comment based on the good faith effort of the author to represent the events he related. There are few times that I can remember when I have read a book and been moved by its content. The Bishop of Rwanda by Bishop John Rucyahana is one of those … Continue reading Book Review | “The Bishop of Rwanda”

The Dark Night Rises In Colorado

If anyone needed a reminder of the reality of suffering and sin, we have seen another example this morning in the early hours of The Dark Knight Rises premier. Reports are still being clarified, but the alleged suspect arrived and threw a tear gas like gas in the theater and then proceed to fire an unknown number of weapons and rounds of ammunition. As of … Continue reading The Dark Night Rises In Colorado