Sermon Sketch | “Between Life and Living”

I wrote this outline on February 19, 2003. I am not sure if I ever shared it in a teaching/preaching setting. However, I wanted to record it for posterity. I have clarified some of the points so that it makes more sense! Between Life and Living Life is that which we have. Living is that which we do. This is one of the most distinctive … Continue reading Sermon Sketch | “Between Life and Living”

The Lingering Effect of Death’s Assault

In Memory of Jacob Carlyle Davis August 20, 1986 – December 28, 2010 Two years ago my family experienced one of the most devastating events we had ever faced. Two years ago my brother-in-law died in a car accident. The “facts” of what happened simply do not have the ability to communicate the emotions that I feel this morning as I remember him and how … Continue reading The Lingering Effect of Death’s Assault

Video Spotlight | “Laying Cinder Blocks like a Pro”

A couple of months ago I came across this video. It is what it says. It’s four minutes of a man you can not see laying blocks in a smooth and steady rhythm. I have watched it several times because there is a beauty in it I can’t describe. There is just something about watching an individual who has honed and perfected a trade or … Continue reading Video Spotlight | “Laying Cinder Blocks like a Pro”

The Tragedy at Sandy Hook | “The Depth of Human Sin Has Reared Its Head… Again!”

This morning the town of Newtown, CT, was ravaged by the news that an elementary school was taken hostage and the lives of over 25 people were ended, some before they had even had a chance to really begin. When news like this hits it spreads quickly because that is what bad news does. So many thoughts comes to mind about how bad this event … Continue reading The Tragedy at Sandy Hook | “The Depth of Human Sin Has Reared Its Head… Again!”

Advent Series 2012, Pt. 4 | Mary: The Mother of God

Before people scream “heresy” or “blasphemy” I would ask you to consider the plain and simple truth that Mary was the mother of God, even if she did not fully understand that to be the case. As a Protestant I do not believe that Mary should hold some elevated status. She was a simple and frail human being just like the rest of us. I think that there are some within the Christian family that have gone too far in seeking to praise Mary for her role in the Christmas story. However, I do believe that those of us on the other side of the family do not go far enough in recognizing the remarkable fact that Mary was the one chosen for this sacred task.

I have often asked the question to myself, “why did God choose Mary?” I will admit that we will never fully know why God chose Mary. That isn’t for us to know. But, we can get a sense of what God was thinking based on the way Mary interacted with the angel Gabriel. The Bible provides for us a clear and concise depiction of Mary and her response to what God was placing upon her young shoulders. There are two characteristics I believe highlight God’s choice of Mary. These two attributes are seen in Mary’s response to the message brought by the Angel of God.

Continue reading “Advent Series 2012, Pt. 4 | Mary: The Mother of God”