Romans Series (Pt. 25) – Romans 5:18-21

Christ’s Obedience Brings Righteousness (5:18-21) Paul returns to the thought that he began in verse 12 about the source of humanity’s sinful nature. Let’s look at the complete thought here. Therefore, just as sin came into the world through one man, and death through sin, and so death spread to all men because all sinned—…Therefore as by the offence of one judgment came upon all … Continue reading Romans Series (Pt. 25) – Romans 5:18-21

Romans Series (Pt. 24) – Romans 5:15-17

The Nature of Christ’s Gift (5:15-17) Paul is bridging the gap between verses 14 and 15 when he goes on to explain that the effect of Adam’s sin was so damaging that it sent the whole of humanity into condemnation. Paul makes the inference that it took just one sin to send humanity into the tailspin of sin.  Why just one?  The problem of sin … Continue reading Romans Series (Pt. 24) – Romans 5:15-17

Romans Series (Pt. 23) – Romans 5:12-14

Guilty in Adam (5:12) Paul’s language here sounds like a doctor’s description of the spread of a disease. Adam was the first to have the problem and as he interacted with others he kept infecting others with the illness.  This is one of the great debates that exists about in what way are we guilty of Adam’s sin.  This is known as the doctrine of … Continue reading Romans Series (Pt. 23) – Romans 5:12-14

Romans Series (Pt. 22) – Romans 5:9-11

We Have Life! (5:9-11) Paul shares with us another benefit of being in relationship with Christ. We are declared righteous by the blood of Jesus.  This is an amazing truth.  Not only is God’s wrath no longer sitting on us, but we been given access to God our Father because of Jesus righteousness [2 Corinthians 5:21]. The reality that Christ’s death and life has given … Continue reading Romans Series (Pt. 22) – Romans 5:9-11

Romans Series (Pt. 21) – Romans 5:6-8

Our Great Weakness (5:6) After giving us a brief lesson about perspective we move into a short discussion about the condition of the lost soul. He describes humanity as being weak and ungodly. These are not very flattering references, but we have to see ourselves as God does in order to understand why we need Him.  The hardest part of salvation is coming to terms … Continue reading Romans Series (Pt. 21) – Romans 5:6-8

Romans Series (Pt. 20) – Romans 5:1-5

Peace With God (5:1) Paul begins chapter 5 with a word about the effect that all of chapter 4 implies to us now that we have become children of God.  It is important to see the connections that Paul is making from chapter to chapter. What Paul is describing here is not that we have peace because of God’s presence in our lives. Paul is … Continue reading Romans Series (Pt. 20) – Romans 5:1-5

Romans Series (Pt. 18) – Romans 4:17-21

The Content of Genuine Faith (4:17-21) What we find in the next few verses is what Abraham believed, what was the content of his faith, that was counted to him as righteousness. It is important to remember that faith, in order for it to be Biblical faith, must have a specific content. Faith is not supposed to be ambiguous. Faith is not like trying to … Continue reading Romans Series (Pt. 18) – Romans 4:17-21