This is a Reformation

I’m going to make a seemingly bold (and yet not really all that bold claim):We are in a Reformation. In actuality, we are always in “reformation.” This is why the reformers of the 16th century variety coined the phrase “semper reformanda” or “the church reformed, always reforming.” It’s the reality that we are always being re-formed, if we are active in a relationship with God. … Continue reading This is a Reformation

When Rules Rule Relationships Suffer

My pastor has been teaching/preaching through a series off the book Not a Fan by Kyle Idleman. Yesterday he spoke on the subject “More than Rules.” As Pastor David preached he said something that just stood out to me. He said, No body falls in love with a rule. We all are built with an desire to love and be loved. Rules do not give … Continue reading When Rules Rule Relationships Suffer