The Gospel & Race: A Conversation

Pastor Victor Scott, Executive Pastor of Ambassadors of Christ Ministries, and Pastor Drew Anderson, Lead Pastor of Sumter Chapel, will have an important conversation. They will focus on issues surrounding the Gospel and Race. What is the Church’s role in addressing issues of race and injustice? How do we declare the Gospel and stand with the disenfranchised? Pastor Victor and Pastor Drew do not have … Continue reading The Gospel & Race: A Conversation

Will Anything Actually Change?

I’ll be honest, I’ve struggled with whether to post anything about the recent events in Charlottesville surrounding race. Partly because so many have already posted wonderful responses. Partly because I wanted to do more than just react. But mostly because I have been wondering to myself: “Will anything actually change?”   Some of my skepticism comes from my awareness that the sinfulness of humanity is … Continue reading Will Anything Actually Change?

An Open Letter to the Church in America Regarding Charlottesville

To the Saints of God found in the United States of America,

I greet you as one also called out of the darkness of sin and into the glorious light of our God and King Jesus Christ. May the grace of our Heavenly Father fill you to overflowing and the comfort of the Spirit build between us the bonds of peace. Continue reading “An Open Letter to the Church in America Regarding Charlottesville”