Lent 2022 | Day 4: Remember

What is the purpose of remembering? It is to give you a chance to relive and rehearse what you’ve been through without necessarily having to live through it again. One of the obstacles we have to overcome when engaging in a time of remembering is dealing with emotions that haven’t been addressed or have gone unresolved. These memories are important even when we do not … Continue reading Lent 2022 | Day 4: Remember

What if?

“What if?” is a phrase that has been said time and time again. This phrase can create a number of emotions within a person. This phrase can also create a number of scenarios or fantasies inside the mind of a person. But more often than not these fantasies never occur. Other times “what if” can refer to the past and the wanting to change the … Continue reading What if?

Word to the Wise | “Patience”

Have you ever become impatient over a life situation you believe you should have mastered by now?  It is very frustrating.  How do we learn to be patient?  There are two basic ways. The first way is to go through a lot of trials ourselves until we learn the lessons that produce patience.  Or, second, we can learn patience by observing other people going through … Continue reading Word to the Wise | “Patience”