Sermon Sketch | “Between Life and Living”

I wrote this outline on February 19, 2003. I am not sure if I ever shared it in a teaching/preaching setting. However, I wanted to record it for posterity. I have clarified some of the points so that it makes more sense! Between Life and Living Life is that which we have. Living is that which we do. This is one of the most distinctive … Continue reading Sermon Sketch | “Between Life and Living”

Reflections on a Funeral | “I Will Not See The End”

I just attended the funeral of a member of our church. He was ninety-seven years old. Funerals are such interesting events. We gather together to mourn, remember and make sense of our own lives. But, today I was struck by something. I will not see the end! I will not be there to hear the words that are said about me to my family and … Continue reading Reflections on a Funeral | “I Will Not See The End”

Carrie Underwood | “Temporary Home”

I have always found music to be such an interesting medium for communication.  In the span of 3 to 4 minutes so much can be said.  The combination of words and images, the symbols, comparisons and illusions all helping to tell a story.  Then you add the musical component and you have something that will bring together the mind and the heart, sometimes in ways … Continue reading Carrie Underwood | “Temporary Home”