Romans Series (Pt. 22) – Romans 5:9-11

We Have Life! (5:9-11) Paul shares with us another benefit of being in relationship with Christ. We are declared righteous by the blood of Jesus.  This is an amazing truth.  Not only is God’s wrath no longer sitting on us, but we been given access to God our Father because of Jesus righteousness [2 Corinthians 5:21]. The reality that Christ’s death and life has given … Continue reading Romans Series (Pt. 22) – Romans 5:9-11

Easter 2010 (Pt. 5) | “I Thirst”

Easter 2010 Meditations The Fifth Word 28 After this, Jesus, knowing that all was now finished, said (to fulfill the Scripture), “I thirst.” 29 A jar full of sour wine stood there, so they put a sponge full of the sour wine on a hyssop branch and held it to his mouth. (John 19:28) Meditation on the Fifth Word The true humanity of Jesus is … Continue reading Easter 2010 (Pt. 5) | “I Thirst”