Time Marches On

November is here! Where has this year gone.

The older I get the more I understand the saying that time flies. It really does. The steady march of time is the most constant reality of the human experience.

I look back over this year and I am just amazed. I am amazed at how much has happened—the Cubs are in a World Series! And I am amazed at how little has changed—I still feel the same as I did on January 1. Continue reading “Time Marches On”

Sermon Sketch | “Between Life and Living”

I wrote this outline on February 19, 2003. I am not sure if I ever shared it in a teaching/preaching setting. However, I wanted to record it for posterity. I have clarified some of the points so that it makes more sense! Between Life and Living Life is that which we have. Living is that which we do. This is one of the most distinctive … Continue reading Sermon Sketch | “Between Life and Living”

Will Hunting and the Experiences that Shape us

I was having a conversation with a member of my life group last night. We were talking about something unrelated to this post, but in the course of that conversation I realized something. The Christian faith has been transferred from one generation to the next by the personal witness of those who have been changed by the power of the Gospel. Continue reading “Will Hunting and the Experiences that Shape us”