Lent 2020 | Resurrection Sunday: “Worship”

Today is Easter Sunday. At our local congregation, we like to celebrate it as Resurrection Sunday. I find that it helps us to focus in on the reality we are remembering and celebrating. Like so many other Christians, I celebrate this wonderful miracle at a distance. While I do not need to be in a building to remember and worship my God and my Savior, … Continue reading Lent 2020 | Resurrection Sunday: “Worship”

Lent 2020 | Day 40: “Wait”

That first Saturday after Jesus’ crucifixion had to be complete agony for the disciples. The doubt and fear that must have been present in them can only be described as unimaginable. They had given three years of their lives to follow Jesus. They had invested so much time and effort in learning and practicing everything that Jesus had taught them. They had been looking forward … Continue reading Lent 2020 | Day 40: “Wait”