5 Reasons the Next President will Disappoint You

I don’t normally write about politics. There are several reasons. One, I am not a fan of politics in general. Two, it usually starts more arguments than useful conversation. Third, I have better things to write about. But, as I was sitting in my office and thinking about the upcoming election I realized something. Continue reading “5 Reasons the Next President will Disappoint You”

Sermon | “Spiritual Injuries and Our Hope on God’s Promises”

This sermon was preached in Spanish on September 4, 2016.


  1. The unique vision of Ambassadors of Christ Ministries: Spiritual Health.
    • What is spiritual health?
    • Why do we need to be spiritually healthy?
  2. Definition of Spiritual Injuries
    • A spiritual injury is a contradiction between what I believe to be true and what actually is true.
  3. How are we healed from our spiritual injuries?