Video spotlight | “Good, Good Father”

I have heard this song before but, this time I found myself really listening. Have you ever done that? Something just hits you differently than it had before. When this happens to me, I realize that there is truth unheard that I am now ready to receive. It can be so easy to forget who HE is and who that, in turn, makes us. I … Continue reading Video spotlight | “Good, Good Father”

God’s Love Through Paul’s Eyes

First Corinthians 13 has been called the chapter of love. It contains beautiful and poetic language regarding the nature of love. As I have read it this week, I found myself struck by the opening verses of that passage. There is something in the way that Paul instructs the Corinthian church that deeds without proper motive are vacuous and utterly worthless efforts. At first it … Continue reading God’s Love Through Paul’s Eyes

Word to the Wise | “God is Crazy About Us”

There are many reasons God saves us.  He does it for His own glory.  God takes pleasure in loving the highest order of His creation.  He also saves us to satisfy His justice.  God cannot declare the guilty innocent.  That would violate the integrity of His character.  The guilty must pay the penalty.  Since God loves us, He sent His Son to pay the penalty.  When Jesus volunteered to pay our penalty, God’s love found full expression—He was … Continue reading Word to the Wise | “God is Crazy About Us”