I’m gonna need to crush your dreams to give you faith.

That is one of the hardest statements I have ever had to type, and I typed it on my Notes app during the last session of Passion 2017.

If you did not attend Passion 2017, or have never attended a Passion event, simply Google Passion Conferences or 268generation and research what it’s all about. I have been a supporter and participant in this movement ever since I attended Passion 2005 in Nashville, TN. God has used Passion in my life in important ways. And I will never speak negatively about something that is so powerfully emboldening an entire generation of college students.
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Pastoring with my Dad

Since January of 2014, I have served with my dad in the church that he planted in Columbus, GA. It was and is a dream come true. Ever since I felt the calling of God to pastoral ministry I had hoped of working with him, serving with him, and sharing in the journey of ministry. However, during the time that he was a military chaplain that was simply impossible. Continue reading “Pastoring with my Dad”

Video Spotlight | The Power of Affirmation

Over the last year I have enjoyed watching X-Factor (in its various iterations) and American Idol on YouTube. It is an interesting process watching the various stages of the process. I think that the best part of the show is always the first audition. The story of why the person is there is reveals with a lot of flare and fanfare.

Now, I am not under any illusions about how the producers of shows weave the story lines together to pull at the heart strings. I get it. They are trying to get ratings and maybe sell a few things through advertisement. But, in spite of all of this you can never erase genuine emotion. This is especially true of the young men and women who are just looking for someone (other than their parents) to validate what they may fear is nothing at all. There is something powerful about being affirmed. To be reminded that you are special can change your life.