The Ambassador Way, Pt. 3 | Embrace Your Mission


This is the third article in series about The Ambassador Way. This is how I have described what it means to live out our identity as called out group of believers. If we are going to make sense of what we are supposed to do, we have to intentionally move through each of these phases. Each phase helps us stay focused on the main thing for our church.

So, once you have defined your identity as a church and have articulated your vision, the next step is to embrace your mission. When you know who you are and why you exist, how you are going to live out these two realities is vitally important. Continue reading “The Ambassador Way, Pt. 3 | Embrace Your Mission”

The irony of a “pop-culture church” in a culture where Christianity is not popular

It should be fairly obvious to any halfway observant Christian that over the last generation Christianity has gone from a religion that America endorsed, to a religion America ignored, to now being a religion that America is antagonistic toward. From the news articles about Christian schools losing their accreditation, to the ones concerning the potential forcing of all Christian ministers to perform marriage ceremonies they … Continue reading The irony of a “pop-culture church” in a culture where Christianity is not popular

The Ambassador Way, Pt. 2 | Articulate Your Vision

In my last post, I talked about the importance of defining our churches identity. The reason for defining our identity as a church is that it will help to sift out those things that are not “us.” They are not things that we should be doing. As leaders in the church, we should not be afraid of saying that something simply does not fit into who God is calling us to be. It is right to make sure that, as a church, we understand who we are and who we are supposed to be. Continue reading “The Ambassador Way, Pt. 2 | Articulate Your Vision”

The Ambassador Way, Part 1: Defining Our Identity

In the first three months of arriving at Ambassadors of Christ Ministries, I began to wonder if we, as a church, really understood what it meant to be a part of this particular body of believers. We understood that God was doing something in our church. What I felt was that we were not always taking what we were doing as a corporate body and filtering it down to ourselves in our personal lives. As time passed, as I observed, and as I interacted with our membership my conviction increased. But, if there I was going to help our members understand how to be Ambassadors, I had to understand and believe it for myself. Continue reading “The Ambassador Way, Part 1: Defining Our Identity”

Sermon Sketch | “Why Come?”

Why Come?

Have any of you ever heard someone say that they don’t need to go to church to be a Christian? Do you think that that is true? I wonder why so many people believe this.

The other night I was watching a replay of Oprah and there was a lady on there talking about the difference between spirituality and religion. I had one thought running through my mind, and it was this woman has no idea what she’s talking about. Continue reading “Sermon Sketch | “Why Come?””