Now THIS is How You Answer the Question!: N. T. Wright and the Church of England

Earlier this week I wrote about the “battle” within the Church of England regarding the ordination of woman as bishops. What sparked by comments, and concern, was the lack of genuine theological reflection and verbal conviction from those that desire for this to become the practice of the church.

I came across another example of this tendency toward giving in to the trends of the culture rather than forming opinions and views because that is where our understanding of Scripture is taking us. The Washington Post recorded the following comments

An official close to Maria Miller, minister for women and equalities, expressed concern about the move. “Whilst this is a matter for the church, it’s very disappointing,” the official said. “As we seek to help women fulfill their potential throughout society, this ruling would suggest the church is at the very least behind the times.” [Source]

I may be the only one, but this is not the way for the church to move forward by worrying if the world feels that we are behind the times. This is one of the reasons that I give the Roman Catholic Church credit. They are not willing to surrender their identity for the sake of making those outside the church happy.

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