Romans Series (Pt. 24) – Romans 5:15-17

The Nature of Christ’s Gift (5:15-17) Paul is bridging the gap between verses 14 and 15 when he goes on to explain that the effect of Adam’s sin was so damaging that it sent the whole of humanity into condemnation. Paul makes the inference that it took just one sin to send humanity into the tailspin of sin.  Why just one?  The problem of sin … Continue reading Romans Series (Pt. 24) – Romans 5:15-17

Romans Series (Pt. 23) – Romans 5:12-14

Guilty in Adam (5:12) Paul’s language here sounds like a doctor’s description of the spread of a disease. Adam was the first to have the problem and as he interacted with others he kept infecting others with the illness.  This is one of the great debates that exists about in what way are we guilty of Adam’s sin.  This is known as the doctrine of … Continue reading Romans Series (Pt. 23) – Romans 5:12-14