Worship is the Result, Not the Cause

Since I have been tasked with leading worship at my church, I have given significant time to think about the topic of worship. During this time, I have found the biggest issue I find being discussed (in one way or another) that most churches face in the area of worship can be boiled down to one issue: We have allowed the congregation to become the audience rather than the performers of worship. Whether intentionally or not this has been the trend. And it is a trend that must be changed.
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Worship and the Search for Intimacy with God

There are so many obstacles to worship. We are confronted with an innumerable set of distractions every day. Some of them are more compelling than others, but only just so. It is so easy to allow our attention to wander and focus on the silliest of things. Anything to avoid doing what needs to be done. It doesn’t matter how hard we try there will always be something vying for our attention.
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Make every worship song your own

Over the last few years, I have found my understanding of what worship is changing and expanding. The main reason is that I have been leading worship more often. My learning to play the guitar started as a necessity. It then became something far more personal. It was not something that I wanted to do. It just sort of happened. It needed to be done, … Continue reading Make every worship song your own

What is “The Overview Effect?”

I came across this video and was struck by the startling struggle that those who do not have a faith orientation have in trying to describe realities of life that are sublime and spiritual. When faith is not the ground of those realities that are non-material and yet undeniable real our language betrays us. Take the time to watch this and listen to the wonder, … Continue reading What is “The Overview Effect?”