The Gospel & Race: A Conversation

Pastor Victor Scott, Executive Pastor of Ambassadors of Christ Ministries, and Pastor Drew Anderson, Lead Pastor of Sumter Chapel, will have an important conversation. They will focus on issues surrounding the Gospel and Race. What is the Church’s role in addressing issues of race and injustice? How do we declare the Gospel and stand with the disenfranchised? Pastor Victor and Pastor Drew do not have … Continue reading The Gospel & Race: A Conversation

The Gospel is at stake if “Heaven is for Real”

There are many reasons why I will not read and will not attend the upcoming movie “Heaven is for Real.” The most important is that I will not be lead astray by accounts about heaven or hell that are unbiblical and unwarranted. I have come across a variety of responses to these kinds of accounts. Some might see these as mildly entertaining and essentially harmless. … Continue reading The Gospel is at stake if “Heaven is for Real”