When we talk about deconstructing, what are we saying…

Are you even in the “church world” in 2021 if you don’t hear the term deconstruction at least every other day? This past year and a half has proven difficult for a variety reasons. One of the main ones is how rapidly language is coming at people. Especially complex philosophical concepts that come out of very specific worldviews. This is only compounded by the reality … Continue reading When we talk about deconstructing, what are we saying…

Burn out is not failure.

The amount of comments, blogs, posts, books, videos, and opinions about burn out that have been shared this past year is overwhelming. I likely have burn out from those more than the real aspects of my life… But nonetheless it feels necessary to address the topic as a part of this Words Matter series. First, to talk about burn out we have to attempt to … Continue reading Burn out is not failure.

Words matter.

In just my relatively short time serving God’s people, I’ve grown weary of some of the language and categories that often times get used merely out of habit (or it’s just the inherited way people have always talked about things). Many times it is because of the burden that this language can produce, as opposed to what Jesus intends with an easy yoke or teaching … Continue reading Words matter.

Becoming More Christlike Than American: Part 7

Part 7: Answers about who “Paul replied, “Whether quickly or not, I pray to God that both you and everyone here in this audience might become the same as I am, except for these chains.” Acts 26:29 NLT If you’ve never read Acts 21-28, where Paul defends the faith in front of Jewish and Roman government officials, first go read it. Especially read Acts 26:1-29. … Continue reading Becoming More Christlike Than American: Part 7