Give us ears to hear – An introduction

This will be a video series about listening – both listening to God and others – and learning to think reflectively – both about Scripture and culture. This is meant to be an on-going virtual conversation, so please interact with each video whether it’s through comments or direct messages. Others will likely join me along the way in the videos to have conversations with me, and the goal is really that we might have ears to hear what God is saying to us in our lives and in our world today.

Here is the introduction video:

3 thoughts on “Give us ears to hear – An introduction

  1. Hello! I really loved your post and video. Sometimes we think God doesn’t want to talk with us but it’s not real. God always speak with us through the Bible. Personally, God talked with me in many ways and I received supernatural experiences with Him. As a Christian I can say God changed my life. I would like to talk with you about these topics. Greetings from Peru.

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