Lent 2020 | Day 37: “Looking”

The focus for today is “looking.”

When we look, we are usually doing it on purpose. This is implied in the word but is often taken for granted. And that is part of the problem.

The life of faith is a life of searching. We are introduced to God through the preaching of the Gospel. It is a notice that God has done something for us. God has made it possible for us to enter into his presence. But, we have something we must do. We must seek him even though we have been found.

I think what trips people up is not understanding that our seeking of God has nothing to do with God. When we seek God, we are embracing the journey that prepares us to meet him. We need to look for him. Not because he is not there, but because we don’t always notice his presence.

The apostle Paul said that the glory of God is seen in what has been made. That means that evidence of God’s reality is all around us… if we would just look. We have to be intentional in our looking. It is not enough of light and images to hit our eyeballs. We have to be purposeful in our observation.

This is the power of the liturgical calendar. The church year is a simple pattern of remembering the work of God year in and year out. The cycle of the Christian journey is expressed through a steady movement through important commemorations of God’s works in the world.

As we approach Easter, it is so important to not allow it just pass by as usual. I hope that we are looking forward to this Easter, in spite of all the challenges. I pray that you are looking forward to celebrating the resurrection of Jesus, and all the promise it holds for us who believe.

I know I am this year!

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