Lent 2020 | Day 23: “Glory”

As we continue our devotions through Lent, I feel the weight of the shift that has taken place. The world wide pandemic has really altered my perspective. It’s not that I wasn’t aware of the realities I’m addressing. It’s they have taken on a new texture and significance. I really feel like the way I see the world and my faith and God has changed. And I can honestly say it is in a positive direction.

I can’t really explains it. I’m not really trying to. I just know that after this whole thing is behind us, I know I will have been changed.

In a weird way, this is what glory means to me. In almost every instance I can remember in scripture, when glory is referenced it usually means God’s glory. And when God’s glory is in view, we are usually seeing it in its fullest expression. The glory of God is wonderful, if you can withstand it. But no sinner can. And so for us there is a sense in which God’s glory is horrify rather than edifying. The funny thing is that regardless, something will change when you encounter God’s glory.

As we continue drawing closer to Easter, I would encourage all of us to prepare to behold the glory of God. That way, when we come face to face with him we will rejoice and not cower.

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