Holy Week 2019 | Maundy Thursday: Celebration

The Thursday of Holy week represents the day Jesus and his disciples celebrated the first communion of the Church. During the meal, Jesus took the Passover and infused it with a new meaning pointing to the new covenant he was establishing.

The bread pointed to the body of Christ. Beaten and bruised, but not broken. The bread was shared among all those present reminded them that they are one with Christ in life and in death.

The wine would be a reminder that the forgiveness of sins required the shedding of blood. But, Glory to God, the last drop of blood shed for sin was that of the Son of God. No believer will have to die for sins. We may die for the spreading of the Gospel, but this would be an act of obedience and not a sacrifice for salvation.

The beauty of celebrating the Lord’s Supper is that we have a continual reminder that the Gospel is true and that Jesus is who promised us he is.

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