Lent 2019 | Day 33: Service

I want to follow up on my thought from yesterday on the power of having a steady obedience. The concept I wanted to pick up on is the idea of service. As Christians, service should not be a foreign concept to us. It should be something we engage in as often as possible.

Let me begin by saying, we may not always want to serve. I don’t want to pretend that service is something that comes naturally to everyone one. It doesn’t. This reality of human nature does not change that we all should find ways of serving. Our service can be in or through the church; it can be through some community involvement; or even through some creative project. The point is we should find a way to pour ourselves into serving others according to our gifts and abilities.

How we serve will be as varied as the individual. The challenge is to not ourselves to get into some sort of comparison game. That can be very distracting, and if done in an unhealthy way can become destructive. We must all learn to be satisfied with doing our best. Not in trying to live up to someone else’s best.

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