Lent 2019 | Day 29: Surprise

My wife is not exactly a fan watching movies with me at theaters. Part of the reason is that I am not a quiet watcher. I like to talk to the characters, pointing out how stupid a decision was. I am the guy in the theater that laughs (really laughs) at the funny stuff, and even at some of the not so funny stuff. My wife’s dislike for my company at movies is especially true of suspense movies. I don’t like the jump scare moments in movies. In fact, I would say that I hate them.

The entire process of being surprised is not something I look forward to. I like things to be as I expect them to be. I don’t know exactly why that is. I just know that for as long as I can remember, being surprised or caught off guard or shocked has not been something I enjoy experiencing.

Now, because everyone starts thinking I am strange, I don’t start crying or complaining or get angry at surprises. And most of the time, I am fine when they happen. What gets me is the effect it has on me. I jump. My adrenaline starts pumping for a little bit. My anxiety climbs and that’s when I get the most bothered.

I have an overactive mind. I think all the time. And surprises get me wondering and imagining about things that may never happen. That’s the part that makes me “surprise averse.”

But, what do I do when I am confronted with the reality that God is a God of surprises. Every day God puts his glory and majesty on display and we treat it as if it was no big deal. What amazes me is that we are surprised by things that would never surprise God, and we are bored with things that should be surprising to us every time they occur.

My prayer is that I would take some time and that you would take some time, and think about those things God has done and is doing in your life that no longer surprise us, but should. And then, we should take some more time and look at the things that do surprise us and ask ourselves why and if they should at all.

Surprise is a wonderful gift if we are being surprised by things that draw us closer to God, and not by things that pull our attention away from him.

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