Holy Week 2018 | Saturday of Holy Week: Confusion

We have no knowledge of what happened between Jesus’s crucifixion and his resurrection. I have always wondered what the Disciples were thinking as they hid from the authorities. We may never know that. But, there is something that I feel very confident in. The Disciples felt confusion.

Confusion is the natural result of suffering a severe emotional injury. Every single member of the Disciples had given up a lot to follow Jesus. They had left behind family and friends, professions and opportunities. The life they may have wanted was left behind to follow Jesus.

Then, after the crucifixion they found themselves hidden away trying to figure out if the three years spent following Jesus was a waste. I am sure we could all imagine what we would be thinking if we found ourselves in this situation.

Today, two-thousand years removed from the events we know that in just a days time the course of human history would change. But, not on that Saturday. On that Saturday all there was was fear and confusion.

It is a wonderful gift from God that confusion can give way to faith if we can hold onto hope, no matter how small. In spite of the confusion, until Sunday passed there was still a hope that what Jesus said would come true.

Resurrection Sunday is a day of great rejoicing for all who believe in Jesus. It is a reminder that regardless of what may happen in life, everything Jesus said to his original twelve disciples is true for us as well. We can hope in a better tomorrow because Jesus rose from the grace to victory and power.

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