Lent 2018 | Day #30: Service

Our service to our neighbor is one of the greatest testimonies of the Gospel’s power to transform. Service does not come easily to me, and I would imagine that is true for a lot of others. It’s not that I don’t want to serve. There are two big reasons I struggle in this area. First, I trend toward laziness. I like to just have my space. Second, I don’t feel qualified to do too many things.

For some others, the struggles may manifest themselves in different ways. But, since I know where the fight is for me I have to be more diligent it confronting these two tendencies. I have to push back against them because service is a vital component to the mission of the Church. And, I have to do my part in helping the Church extend her reach into the world and, more specifically, the community God has planted me.

We all must take the time and assess why we fail to serve as we should. As followers of Christ, we are the beneficiaries of Christ service to us. Jesus taught and exemplified a life of service. Everything he did was in service to God and to us. Jesus’s death on the cross was an act of service. We could not die for our own sin, so Jesus died for us.

This is the key to genuine Christian service, we do for others what they cannot do for themselves. And this is especially true when we have it within our power to do it.

I pray that we will seek to increase our sacrificial service in this season of Lent.

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