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Worship and the Search for Intimacy with God

There are so many obstacles to worship. We are confronted with an innumerable set of distractions every day. Some of them are more compelling than others, but only just so. It is so easy to allow our attention to wander and focus on the silliest of things. Anything to avoid doing what needs to be done. It doesn’t matter how hard we try there will always be something vying for our attention.

I have come to the conclusion that it is unavoidable. As a Christian, I will either worship or I won’t. I will either set aside time to spend with God or I won’t. It is pointless and disingenuous to act like we don’t have time. It simply is not true. We have the time for so many other things. So, we have time for God. We have to take time from something that is not even worthy of comparison to God. The call to worship God and the discipline it takes to do it are two decisions we have to make each day.

For the last few months, I have been tasked with leading the two congregations of Ambassadors of Christ Ministries in worship. I have to lead the teams, do most of the planning for the order of the services, practice the songs, and then prepare for the execution of the leading during the Sunday morning service. It has definitely been more challenging than I imagined.

I have always known and felt that the time the members of a local church body spends in worship is vital to the health of a congregation. Worship is and will eternally be the occupation of God’s people. We are worshippers. If not of God, then of something else, no matter how unworthy. I can say, on this side of this experience, that this sentiment is truer than I initially could have conceived.

In a similar way that each person must worship, a congregation must also worship. In the corporate expression and gathering of God’s people, the power of being in the presence of God is unmistakable and undeniable. And, sharing that with your family of faith makes it all the more important.

It is in our corporate worship as the body of Christ that we are bound together. The deeper our united worship, the stronger our bonds of love. When I look into the face of my brothers and sisters as they worship I am looking at someone who understands my journey. We may face different challenges, but our hope springs from the same source.

The corporate worship of God is one of the greatest signs of a transformed life. I want to be a worshipper. I was to be known for my worship. And not by others. I want to be known by God. If he accepts my worship he accepts me. I want God to find my sacrifice of worship to pleasing to him and to him alone.

I am always looking for songs to add to my worship playlist. Share your favorite worship song on your playlist right now in the comments below. And, if you like, let me know how it has helped you worship.

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