Abortion and the Death of Sacrificial Love

Over the last couple of days there has been much discussion around a shocking video alleging some despicable practices by Planned Parenthood facilities and personnel. I am not going to provide any further descriptions here, just look it up for yourself. I personally could not believe what I read and therefore could not stomach watching the video.


I have been and continue to be pro-life. (I also do not believe in the death penalty, even though there are many who do not see a problem with capital punishment. I am not one of them.) There are two reasons that I am pro-life. One is sociological and the other theological.

Life Is A Sacred Gift

Let me provide the theological one first because it informs the sociological reason. There are two components to my theological understanding. First, I believe that all life is sacred. Second, I believe all individuals conceived into the human family are bearers of God’s image. Life is a gift that I could not have acquired myself. I could not choose to come into existence. God created the reproductive process to fill the earth with people who would reflect his glory and image. Whenever this is undermined the image of God that God desires to be on full display in the world is distorted, like a puzzle with missing pieces.

The practice of abortion is one of the greatest attacks on the image of God every perpetrated in the history of mankind. What makes this even worse is that it is done in the name of freedom, liberty, and reproductive rights. However, no one stops to think about the rights of the child that is being exterminated. No, the rights of the not-yet born have been legislated away. The sacred nature of life has been eroded so that the image of God can no longer be seen.

Social Order Is A Precarious Balance

The second reason for my being pro-life is that is tears at the fabric of societal order. The move from killing those inside the womb and those outside the womb is not that far. Yes, there will be people who say that it’s not the same thing; that it will never happen; that I don’t know what I am talking about. That’s fine. Feel free to dismiss me and go about living your lives. However, the reality is that the level of desensitization abortion fosters is undeniable.

In the end, what abortion promotes is a level of selfishness and self-centeredness that is astounding when considered in total. Are there terrible circumstances that many women have had to face regarding their pregnancies? Absolutely. To be impregnated against your will is a horrible crime against an individuals personhood. This is a terrible reality to have to deal with. I cannot even begin to imagine the suffering this could cause in a woman’s mind. However, the Church’s solution cannot be to side with those who chose to destroy life because the vast total of abortions that have been performed cannot be attributed to this kind of violation of a woman’s personhood.

I have accepted the fact that the world will do what the world will do. What I have a hard time processing is how the Church has become more and more complicit in the profane behavior and mentality of the world. The Church may have failed to serve and minister to women who find themselves with children they do not want, but the Church cannot continue to participate in the business of destroy in life, either explicitly or implicitly.

Jesus’ entire life is a living testimony to the nature of sacrificial love. Jesus gave himself for every sinner. He died so that we might life. As followers of Christ we have been called to a similar kind of life. As Christians we cannot condone or promote a behavior that flies in the face of this. To side with those who promote the destruction of life is to put to death, not just a child, but the very heart of the Gospel. Jesus died to his own desires, his own right as the Son of God, so that those who were not sons and daughters–you and me– could be adopted in to the family of God.


Abortion is detrimental to a society because it distorts the image of God within every human being and it devalues all life by destroying the most helpless within it. The tides of have shifted in virtually every facet of our culture. The question now is when will the waves break upon the shore?

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