Lent Day #33 | Grace

We will take a theological turn for the next couple of days. I hope it is helpful to you. It tends to be to me.

Theology is the discipline where we study God, who he is and what he is doing. There are a variety if different areas of study in theology. We won’t be looking at all of them here. What we will do is look at a few terms that are foundational to our growth as believers of Jesus. Each of these words are simple to learn and require patience to understand. It is through the process of understanding that we deepen our appreciation of God’s love for us.

Today’s word is Grace. One of the best definitions for grace is “unmerited favor.” The idea here is recognizing God’s gift as something we cannot earn. But, more importantly, it is something we do not deserve, even a little bit. There is nothing that we can do to merit God’s grace. As a matter of fact, we could spend an infinite number of lifetimes and we would never do enough.

The question that often times emerges is, “Why not?” The answer is not always satisfying. The reason we cannot earn and do not deserve grace is due to the fact we can never undo any mistake we have made. Our grade point average will never be a 100% ever again. Even if we only committed one sin in our lives, that would be enough for us to need God to send Jesus to earth to die on the cross.

When we talk about God’s grace we are saying something in particular about how God interacts with us. We are saying God does not line us up and grades on a curve. We each are being measured against the perfect standard of Jesus, not each other. When God offers and gives us grace he does so knowing full well who he is giving this precious gift to. This is both a reason to rejoice and be thankful.

God has never gone back on a promise and he does not intend to start today. I am thankful that God does not change, has not changed and will not change. The consistency of his character is the guarantee of his ability to accomplish what he proclaims to us.

Amen and amen!

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