Lent Day #32 | Retreat

I am serving on a Christian retreat for youth this weekend. I have done this for the past several years and each time I see God do something I didn’t expect. There is something about meeting with fellow believers in places dedicated to serving God. I can’t explain it, but I have this feeling that God has places he likes to visit. Places where his people can experience his presence in ways that can almost be described as tangible.

One of the curiosities of Jesus’ ministry was how he often would retreat from the disciples and the crowds to spend time with his Father. He would disappear and get away from it all so he could focus and hear more clearly. There is a lesson for in Jesus’ example. We too need time of retreat. Time of stepping out of what we are doing so God has our concentrated attention.

Can I say I do this like I should? No! Part of it is I am not as disciplined as I need to be. I find my mind wandering. But, I also think part of my problem is I may not be in a place where God likes to visit. I have thought about this before, but this could be part of the reason I love sitting in the sanctuary of my church. I feel close to God there. There is a marked difference in the space.

One of the gifts we get during Lent is the opportunity to get alone with God. It would be wise for us to take some time in the days we have left of this Lenten season to step out of our typical routines and spend some time with God. Go to a place where you have felt close to God and give Him your undivided attention. Put it on your calendar and keep the appointment.

I am excited about this weekend. Both because of what He will do in and for these young people. But, also for what he will do in and for me. I am glad to be in a place where God’s presence abides.

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