Lent Day #28 | Friendship

Today I had the chance to celebrate with some friends from our church. They will be moving due to the army and in the middle of all that they will be trying to get married! I think that makes for some stress. In light of that, we grilled some food, enjoyed amazing company and I was reminded of the power of friendship in our lives.

I would like to say I am a good friend by keeping up with everybody’s home life, kids, jobs, interests and tragedies. I would love to say that, but I can’t. I don’t do enough calling and staying current. However, there is more to friendship than information. If the quality of our friendships could be evaluated by how much we know about each other, any social media user would truly have “friends forever,” as the song goes. I have come to see is not what I know, but how I came to know what I know about my friends that makes our friendships rich and memorable.


I have fond memories and can still feel the lasting effects because of the influence of my friends. They have touched me and in a very real way, they are with me because they have helped to shape the person I have become. I would not be who I am had it not been for the impact of their lives on mine. I am and will be eternally grateful for my friends, those who chose to walk together with me for as long as our life paths allowed.

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  1. Honor to call you my friend. Thank you for your honesty and wisdom over the years.


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