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Lent Day #11 | Study

I hope the word “study” did not conjure up terrible childhood memories. If I am honest, there are memories I cherish and then there are memories I would rather never bring back to mind. However, studying is not supposed to be a chore. As a matter of fact, I think study should be a blessing and an opportunity to grow wider and deeper.

As a follower of Christ we are described as being disciples. A disciple is a person who’s primary identity is as a learner. We should be striving to learn more each day. Learning about ourselves as we grow in our understanding of what God’s word says. Learning about God and who he is. Learning how to interact with those around us, both within the church and those who are not. The power of study is in taking what we are learning and applying it in a personal way.

It can become an easy way out of this important practice to show up at church or bible study and rely on the work and efforts of others. This would be like meeting someone at a restaurant and watching someone else eat and describe to you how the food tastes, leaving and then saying, “I’m full.” Not only is this a ridiculous example, it is exactly what many of us do week in and week out. We can not rely on the labors of others, hoping to see spiritual growth and maturity.

The longer we stay away from our study of God’s word, the more we will develop bad habits and false assumptions about ourselves and God. The reality of our journey is that we have to take time to learn and develop an appetite for learning.

What are some helpful practices that you have found or developed on your journey with Jesus? Share them below.

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