Lent Day #8 | Satisfaction

Satisfaction 100% GuaranteeSatisfaction is an interesting idea because in our culture it means getting what we want, when we want it. The direction of this concept is that if I have a desire and I will go and find someone who has the thing that will meet this desire. While this is not an entirely inaccurate definition of the word, what we, as followers of Christ fail to remember is that the filling of our desires can only be found in God. Not in what God can provide, but in God himself.

When we talk about being satisfied in God we are talking about experiencing and understanding who God is and then having that awareness and presence filling us continually. If we have never experienced this it can be difficult to understand. I will not say that I fully understand it either, but there have been moments when I have felt the presence of God and there is no denying the difference.

Jeremiah 2:13 cartoon

One of the images in the bible describing this idea of satisfaction is thirst. When we are thirsty we want something that will quench it. We need something that will “hit the spot.” Well, our spiritual thirst can not be met by anything that this world has to offer us. There is only one thing that will satisfy our yearning and thirst–God himself in the person of Jesus. Jesus is the living water. He is the one that can provide for us sufficient and lasting satisfaction.

There is one image in particular in the book of Jeremiah that has always stood out for me in this regard. It is found in the second chapter of the book and the prophet is describing the substitution the people of God have made. It is a poor substitution, but it is one made so often many of us think it makes sense.

         13 for my people have committed two evils:
         they have forsaken me,
                   the fountain of living waters,
         and hewed out cisterns for themselves,
                   broken cisterns that can hold no water.

Jeremiah 2:13

The “fountain of living waters” is God! He is the one that gives us satisfaction and fills us with life. So, when we turn from trusting in God to fill us we are trying to drink the ocean one thimble at a time. This will never work. The beauty of God’s grace is that he is a never ending stream of life. When we turn our broken cisterns over to him, he can fill us faster than our cracks and leaks can empty. We are satisfied even though we are flawed. We are filled, and that to overflowing, because God gives us grace and mercy and life disproportionately to our need.

At the heart of our situation is the need to realize we need God more than he needs us. The irony of this realization is when we are removed from the center, God can occupy that position just fine all by himself. God will receive his glory, the question is this, “Will we be a part of the chorus offering up praises to him who alone is worthy of honor and glory?”

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