Lent Day #3 | Change is not the Problem


These words serve as the foundation for our confidence in God. The reason that we can trust in God is due to his unchanging and unchangeable nature. God is the very definition of consistency. Therefore, whatever God has said will happen could be talked about in the past tense because it is as good as done. There is no reason to doubt this attribute of God’s being.

In contrast to God’s consistency is the inconsistency of our human experience. What happens in this world is not a surprise to God, because he knows all things. We, on the other hand, suffer the terrible deficit imposed upon us by time. We experience life sequentially, having to wait for each moment to pass in turn. The unfortunate reality of our lives is that there are many aspects of our lives that will change. As a matter of fact, one country sing captured the essential truth of life on this twirling orb called earth when he said, “The only thing that stays the same is everything changes.” I do not know of a single person who would not agree with this sentiment.

Over the course of the years I have experienced a variety of changes. I left home for college and had to face the world on my own. I proposed to my girlfriend and she became my wife, another transition. I am a father twice over and both times I was no better prepared. Life does not come with a manual telling you how to live it. We learn by doing and failing; seeking and finding. This is the natural process where by knowledge becomes experience and experience becomes wisdom.

Even though I have seen a variety of situations under a variety of circumstances in my life, I am growing in my conviction that change is not the problem. When people talk about change, and how bad it is, what they are really saying is that the thought of losing control, of having to depend on others for security is too nerve-racking to allow. I think change is not really the problem, instability is. We are constantly being rocked off-balance. So, how do we combat the effects of life? We have to trust is something that will not suffer the destabilizing effects of sin. That “some”-thing is a some-ONE. Only God is able to bring balance and security to us. This is the confession of the writer of Hebrews when they say,

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and
today and forever.

Hebrews 13:8, ESV

We talk about change, but what really worries us is that we will be rocked so hard by the winds of life that we will be overcome. That is why our confidence must be in God and on Jesus. With Him there is no need to fear. There is no need to lose heart. The promise of our faith is that regardless of what happens, there is a place that we can turn. In Jesus our confidence is based on his character and not on our abilities, wisdom, or cleverness.

As we continue our march toward Easter morning ask yourself: Who am I trusting to make it through each day? If the answer is not God, you may need to reevaluate in whom you are placing your trust.

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