6 Reasons I’m Addicted to TV Talent Shows

Its after midnight and I am watching X-Factor UK auditions. I have to admit that I am addicted to watching X-Factor and the “Got Talent” shows on YouTube. There are a variety of reasons that I love these talent shows.

  1. There is so much talent in this world.
  2. Music has a way of touching your heart, mind and soul.
  3. Hearing different people’s story reminds you that you are not alone in your own journey.
  4. Life is too short. Go out and try something that just scares your out of your wits.
  5. The yearning of the human soul for acceptance, affirmation and validation is not isolated by culture. God put it there and its greatest satisfaction is found in Him.
  6. Did I mention that there is sooo much talent in this world that nobody even knows about?

Here are two YouTube channels that I am following.

Here are two examples of what I’m talking about. Enjoy.


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