“[Lance] Armstrong ends fight against doping charges, titles at risk” via Reuters

Just a random post today.

This is why I hate it when huge orginizations believe that they have the final say in things.

World Anti-doping Agency WADA chief John Fahey said that Armstrong’s decision not to contest the allegations should lead to the American being stripped of his Tour de France wins.

“He had the right to rip up those charges but he elected not, therefore the only interpretation in these circumstances is that there was substance in those charges,” Fahey told Reuters in a telephone interview on Friday.

“The only interpretation…” I don’t think so. If the fight will never end why keep fighting? I don’t know if Armstrong did anything wrong. But, seriously how long does he have to go on defending what he accomplished? Oh, and by the way, he never failed a drug test. But, that doesn’t matter. Somebody got mad, doesn’t like him, so let’s ruin his entire life.

I’m not picking a side here. I just hate pretentiousness like this. It drives me crazy!

via Armstrong ends fight against doping charges, titles at risk | Reuters.

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