Google Reader Round-up | August 18, 2012

In this weeks round-up:

Same-Sex Marriage Won’t Be Enough — An interesting article that reveals why the debate regarding same-sex marriage is about more than just marriage. It’s actually about redefining (read destroying) marriage as an institution. The author writes, “Marriage can’t be separated from biological realities. And that’s why this upheaval won’t end when same-sex marriage is accepted.” A must read.

Join or Die?: Addressing the Question of Church Membership — The age old question regarding the necessity of church membership has remained a lively point of conversation. In this article a strong and well articulated case is made that being connected to a local church is a necessary reality for every believer.

The difference between attending and joining a church is analogous to the difference between dating and marriage. The Bible clearly steers us toward the latter.

Celebrating Alone — R. C. Sproul, Jr. speaks of his first anniversery after the death of his wife to cancer. This is a beautiful testimony of what God plans for each of us to experience in matrimony. I am sad for his loss, but rejoice with him in his wife’s eternal gain.

Truth, Grace and My Father’s Conversion at age 84 — Randy Alcorn recounts the details that lead up the eventual conversion of his father. It is a touching tribute to Randy’s love for his father and of God’s grace in redemption.

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One thought on “Google Reader Round-up | August 18, 2012

  1. “The author writes, “Marriage can’t be separated from biological realities.”

    Well, the author is wrong. Simply by noting that children have nothing to do with legal marriage, he is proved wrong.

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