Word to the Wise | “My Feet Almost Slipped”, Pt. 3

“My Feet Almost Slipped”, Pt. 3

We have been discussing Psalm 73. Psalm 73 is a guide to every believer concerning our walk with Christ. This is the problem. Whenever we pay more attention to what unbelievers are doing or achieving, we will have a distorted view of the world. This is what happens. First, we look at “them” and compare our situation with theirs. Like the psalmist we say, I am trying so hard to live a godly life and I still have so many struggles. But look at unbelievers, they don’t care about God, they enjoy the pleasures of life and nothing happens to them. They are getting away with murder and God doesn’t do anything. And here I am, I just tell a minor lie and God broadcast it all over the world. Man I can’t get away with anything. This is simply not FAIR.

When a Christian thinks like this, he has missed the major (humongous) point of being a Christian. We are not here to compete with the world. We are not here to satisfy the flesh. We are not here to become rich and famous. We are here to be conformed to the image of Christ. At some point in our lives we recognized our sins. Then, we acknowledged our need for salvation. Then, we turned to Christ to be reconciled with God. Okay, if you did this, do not come back crying and complaining that you can no longer enjoy sin like you use. Let me help you with something. Once you cross the Red Sea (back to the exodus here), you CAN’T go back to Egypt unless you can swim across the ocean. We cannot go back to the world because when we accepted Christ as Savior we renounce the citizenship from Satan’s kingdom (the world) and accepted the citizenship of God’s Kingdom (heaven).

So, the Apostle Paul said this to the Colossian church: “If you have become a citizen of heaven, you are no longer free to seek the stuff from earth. Get your act together and start doing heaven’s stuff, because if you don’t the beatings will continue until you get it through your head that we have a spiritual nature that God is not willing to give up” (Colossians 3:1). Okay, okay, I took some liberties with the paraphrasing, but you get my point. Anyway, have a great Friday, enjoy your Saturday, and for goodness sake, go to your church on Sunday and worship the God of heaven who loved you to the point of sending His Son to take your sins away.

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