Word to the Wise | “The Gift”

If we trace the path Jesus took on His earthly journey we can find some disturbing facts.  He traded His heavenly glory for earthly poverty.  Although He created the universe, He was born in a stinking stable only suitable to shelter animals.  He owned all the wealth in the world, but had to depend on men’s offerings and goodwill to support His ministry.  At times He was so hungry that He had to eat raw grain or pick His own fruit from a tree.  He was ridiculed.  His neighbors tried to lynch Him.  Some called Him a lunatic and a friend of sinners.

He was falsely accused of crimes He never committed.  The witnesses at His trial were paid to lie against Him.  The jury was rigged and the judge responsible to dispense justice handed down a death sentence solely based on political calculations.  They killed Him.  And why did they do it?  Because they chose to reject the gift only He could give—the gift of life.

Pastor Luis Scott
Ambassadors of Christ Fellowship

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