Racism is a Gospel Issue | “Bloodlines Documentary”

A Personal Reflection

Being hispanic, the question and reality of racism looms large in my mind. I am in an interacial marriage–my wife is caucasian. These two realities create in me some anxiety when I think about my children. My children will have to live in a world where the pigmentation of ones skin becomes reason enough to hate and ostracize.

I just finished watching the short documentary produced by Crossway and John Piper. It recounts Piper’s early years growing up in Greenville, SC, before and during the Brown v. Board of Education case made history in this country. The history of Piper’s understanding, both biblical and personal, on the issue of racism is powerful and enlightening.

I was both moved to tears and challenged to re-evaluate my own consistency with regard to this issue.

Watch. Think. Change.

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