Book Review | Dinner with a Perfect Stranger: An Invitation Worth Considering

I was not even sure if I was going to enjoy Dinner with a Perfect Stranger, but it turned into a very good read. The storyline was easy to follow and I felt drawn into the conversation. The issues that are addressed are general enough to attract a wide range of readers. The book is short at 128 pages, but it reads a lot faster.

I have often wondered what a conversation with Jesus would look like. I think that the one characteristic of the book that stands out is the way the Jesus is portrayed. Jesus is always calm, always collected and in control of himself. Nothing flusters him. Nothing seems to distract him from his task of talking with and helping Nick Cominsky, the protagonist of the story.

The topics range from the personal to the professional; from the secular to the sacred. In a short amount of time the conversation ranges far and wide. Jesus seems to break every conventional understanding of how he should act, talk and respond. Something that continually surprises Nick.

While the character of Jesus is “normal” in that he is not overly spiritual or religious, he is portrayed with a true too life serenity. Holiness is not a characteristic that makes one person different or better than others. Holiness is seen as a reflection of God’s presence in a persons life. This is captured throughout the book. Over and over again I found myself imagining Jesus behaving in this way.

I strongly recommend the book. You will enjoy reading it and will hopefully pass it on to someone else to enjoy as well.

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