Romans Series (Pt. 12) – Romans 3:27-30a

No reason to Boast (3:27-30a)
Paul closes this chapter by asking some questions, and providing some conclusions about what he said at the beginning of the chapter regarding God’s faithfulness and our failure to remain faithful.  There is no room for boasting.  There is nothing that we can do to merit God’s grace, love or mercy.  God gives it out of His good pleasure and for His glory.

Faith causes all boasting in temporal things to become nothing, leaving us with only one thing—the law of faith. It is this law that supersedes all others because it is the reason that all other laws are upheld.  Paul’s concluding remarks put into a simplified form what he has being defining theologically.  Paul also gives us a brief statement of God’s unique nature when he says that because God is one, because God is not divided within himself, all that come to Him must come to Him by faith alone just as God has commanded.

God is consistent in his demands of all men. He does not favor any man over another. He seeks faith from all. Jew and Gentile find even ground at the foot of the Cross. God is both the God of the Jew and the Gentile because both are faced with the same dilemma to resolve, that of personal sin.

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