Joy’s Eternal Increase: Edwards on the Beauty of Heaven

Have you ever wondered what Heaven would be like? I know I have. It is so hard to describe a place no one has ever been to.  I have often wondered what we would do in Heaven?  Will I get bored?  Will I spend all of my time singing to God?  That is great, and God is worthy of it, but that seems less interesting than the time I have now, here on Earth with my family and with my friends.  I don’t mean to for this to sound like Heaven will be a great let down because it won’t be.  But how can I have joy about a place I will never experience or can clearly understand until I get there?

I came across this sermon by Dr. Sam Storms.  He is the pastor of Bridgeway Church in Oklahoma City, OK.  He is also the founder of Enjoying God Ministries which exists “To Proclaim the Power of Truth and the Truth about Power.”  Enjoying God provides Biblical Studies, Theological Studies, Historical Studies and even Recommends books, sites and other personal reflections for reading.  It is a useful site.

The following sermon was given during the Desiring God National Conference in 2003.  It takes a look at how Jonathan Edwards understood Heaven.  This is probably the best (to date) exposition and explanation of what Heaven will be like and possibly is like.  Dr. Storms argumentation and presentation is quite passionate and has made looking toward Heaven something wonderful.

You can download the audio, but I would recommend watching the video.  It’s about an hour-long and will be worth every minute.  The first one-third of the sermon is about Jonathan Edwards himself and then Dr. Storms jumps into Edwards understanding of heaven.  Hope you enjoy!  I did.

Joy’s Eternal Increase: Edwards on the Beauty of Heaven.

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