Romans Series (Pt. 2) – Romans 1:1-15

Introduction (1:1-7)

One of the main characteristics of Paul’s letters is the introduction. Paul follows the common pattern of the time for letters and identifies himself and gives a formal greeting to the people or person that he is writing to. Another characteristic of Paul’s letters is the connection that he draws between hos apostleship and the God’s activity in his life.  Paul is intentional about speaking to the fact that God plays an integral role in all that He does as an apostle.

Paul’s Desire (1:8-15)

Paul then shares his desire to be with them there Rome.  The church in Rome did not start because of Paul’s direct presence.  Rather, it was through the evangelism and mission work by those converted that the faith made it to Rome.  This was a great source of joy for Paul, but it brought with it a desire to be among them.  Paul tells them that he had previously plan to go to Rome, but was kept from going for some reason.

This sets the stage for the rest of the letter.  We will look at the heart of Paul’s message in our next post.

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