True Humility

I recently had a conversation with someone about the nature of humility. The word itself seems a bit intimidating. I would like to think that I am humble, but in even trying to say it I lose the very thing I am trying to achieve. Or do we?

I have come to realize that true humility, not the stuff that makes you feel belittled or worthless, but true humility does not come from my actions, but from my relationship with God. The greater my understanding and acceptance of who God is the more I am confronted with the awesome truth that I am unworthy of being in relationship with Him. When I can appreciate the distance that God had to travel to bridge the gap of my sin and His glory I am on the road to humility.

Humility is not a line to be crossed or a prize to be won. Humility is so much more than that. It is the final acceptance that God has chosen to come to this earth and provide a way for me to enjoy Him. And it is then, when that vertical relationship is what it ought to be, then I can act toward those around me in a way that is both pleasing to God and beneficial to others.

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