The Cross of Christ

There is within each of us a tendency to draw our attentions inward. We are surrounded by a multitude of stimuli. Each voice calling us to become so immersed in our own perceptions and experiences that we have to work to consciously lay them aside to even try and connect to something other.

As I think of the cross of Christ I am confounded by the truth that Jesus exited heaven so that He could experience earth. Jesus relinquished eternal authority so that He could resurrect human frailty. Because of the chasm that exists between the world and the highest heaven we find the bridge of divine love, built by God Himself. And it is Jesus alone who demonstrates the quality of life qualified to journey across its breadth.

Christ exemplifies the seriousness and determination required to lay aside what is familiar and comfortable for that which is foreign and burdensome. As I consider His example I utter this prayer:

Oh that I may follow in that line and reach the shores of glory; to hear the voice of God as he speaks, “Well done!” Amen.

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